where the fuck has this been all my life?????????



David Bowie’s creation of “Warszawa,” now the subject of a cartoon by the Brothers McLeodWhat you see here is factually accurate, even though it seems pretty silly — Bowie and Eno really did come up with ideas through random chance cards, Visconti described the Eventide H910 Harmonizer (an early pitch shifter) as “f’ing with the fabric of time,” and he really did do more than people think to make that album what it eventually became. The story is told here by voice actor Adam Buxton with a wonderful tongue-in-cheek humor. - Stereogum

My working process is no doubt much the same as yours and the same as many other people. The artistic process seems to be mythologized quite a lot into something far greater than it actually is. It is just hard labor… As anyone who actually writes knows, if you sit down and are prepared, then the ideas come. There’s a lot of different ways people explain that, but, you know, I find that if I sit down and I prepare myself, generally things get done.